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?How To Learn Arabic Language To Understand Quran

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Here we will give you some steps for how to learn Arabic language to understand Quran.

The holy Quran is made by God with perfect way, so we need to know the teachings of the Quran and should know how to recite it perfectly , so we should learn Arabic language very well.

so, here we will go to important point which it:

How to Learn Arabic Language To Understand Quran?

Learn Arabic To Understand Quran (1)
Learn Arabic To Understand Quran (1)

Our method for teaching Arabic language consider different between other education websites. Because we are teaching Arabic to know how to learn Quran and Tajweed , also, to speak well with native Arabic speakers.


The Arabic language has many advantages and characteristics, but what has given it the greatest importance is its connection with the Islamic religion that was revealed in this language.

The following is a mention of the importance of the Arabic language in general, and the importance that was given to it when the Holy Qur’an was revealed to it.

The important Points For Arabic Language:

  • The connection of the Arabic language with the revelation of the Qur’an that came to all people.
  • Practicing the rites of Islam is only in the Arabic language.
  • The Arabic language is distinguished for its sophistication in expression, eloquence, and the abundance of drafting.
  • Preserving the Arabic language is preserving religion.
  • The full statement of a written text is not available except in the Arabic language, and therefore the Holy Qur’an was not revealed except in it.
  • Continuously speaking the Arabic language positively affects the mind, religion and morals.
  • Ignorance of the Arabic language is one of the causes of deviation from the true religion.
  • The Arabic language is an ancient, fixed and historically well-established language.

All of these points consider so important for learning Arabic language to understand Quran.

What are the features and characteristics of the Arabic language?

  1. plentiful vocabulary; This stems from the derivations of the roots of the words.
  2. The nature of the derivation in language; Its meaning is a single linguistic material that carries many similar meanings, for example the letters: “ج ن ن ” whose root meaning is concealment, then the Jenin is called a Jenin while it is hidden in its mother’s womb, then the insane is called insane and he is the one who hides his mind, from which came the word hidden “Paradise” from human eyes.
  3. The language contains many synonyms; There are many words that have the same meaning; Like the lion, it is called Ghazanfar, Al-Layth and Osama.
  4. The language contains common words; Including: the human eye, the water spring, and so on.
  5. The language is based on construction in syntax and grammar, and each structure differs from others and carries with it different contents.

All of that is considering characteristics of Arabic Language.

Also, Arabic Language is The Language OF Paradise People:

Sometimes people come to mention that the language of the people of Paradise is Arabic, and the correct thing is that nothing explicitly mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and even hadiths from the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – which mention the language of the people of Paradise. It is more likely in the Qur’an or the Sunnah the language of the people of Paradise.

So, Why Should I Learn Arabic Language To Understand Quran?

As we mentioned , Arabic language is the language of The Quran, so I must learn the grammar of the Arabic to  understand the noble Quran and to understand it’s meanings.

Also, the learning of Arabic language helps learner to read the Quran perfectly specially for non native speaker for Arabic language.

It is not a requirement that the student learn the Arabic language in order to memorize it. A Muslim can be satisfied with memorizing even a few verses from the Qur’an, but he must understand it’s meanings well.

The Methods To Learn Arabic Language To Understand Quran?

Teaching Method Concept:

The concept of method can be identified by referring to some of the terms with which it is closely related, and they come in the following hierarchy:

  • The approach or doctrine: it is a set of assumptions related to each other, and deals with the nature of language teaching and learning.
  • – The method: it is the general plan for presenting the linguistic material on a regular basis, its parts do not contradict, and it is based on a specific entrance.
  • Technique: It is applied, and it is what actually takes its place in the classroom, and is represented in a specific trick, or a specific invention that is used to achieve a direct end. The style must be in harmony with the method and the entrance alike.
Common Methods of Learning Arabic Language To Understand Quran For Non Native Speaker:


The First One is:

Grammar Translation Method:

This method is one of the oldest methods of teaching the Arabic language, as it dates back to the past centuries. It is a fact that is not based on a specific linguistic or educational idea, nor is it based on a specific theory.

Rather, its roots go back to the teaching of the Latin and Greek languages, which revolved around teaching grammar and translation.

Scholars have classified this method among the old school methods for teaching foreign languages,

which are still prevalent in use so far in different regions of the world despite their old and failing methods.

And Indonesia – which is the community of this study – is a good example of countries in which the use of this method in teaching the Arabic language is common, which increases the importance of addressing this method in this study.

And The Second Method is:

Direct Method:

In this way, we ( In Quran Seraj) strive for the child or learner to learn the Arabic language, such as indoctrination by the mother to the child, which is by acquiring every day a new word or phrase about the Arabic language, and also entering into it the aspect of conversation.

And it is consider easy way to learn Quranic Arabic.

Because we don’t only give the learner some keywords to learn it , but also, we teach him the meanings of Arabic in the holy Quran

We teach him Quranic Arabic words.

The Third Method is Audio Lingual Method:

In This method, we think that it is the best method for learning Arabic language to understand Quran.

Here we count mainly on pronouncing the words in a correct way so that the learner hears them and repeats them over and over again. It is also possible that we record audio clips for him so that he hears them well and tries to imitate them.

Teaching Arabic should proceed according to a specific sequence: listening, then speaking, then reading, then writing. This means that the learner first listens, then says what he listened to, then reads what he said, then writes what he read.

The Last Method is Selective Method:

We see in this method that the success and effectiveness of the Arabic language teaching process will not be achieved by one teaching method, but by several methods, from which what suits the learner and the educational situations in which he finds himself will be selected.


 We allow the learner to choose the method that suits him in education of Arabic language to understand Quran and we will teach it to him to the fullest.

 It is possible to look at the previous three methods on the basis that some of them complement each other instead of looking at them on the basis that they are contradictory or contradictory.

As there is no one teaching method that fits all goals, all students, all teachers, and all types of foreign language teaching programmes

Learning Arabic Language To Understand Quran For Kids:
Arabic language to understand quran For kids
Arabic language to understand quran For kids

The child’s soul is eager for the new, quickly departing from the old familiar.” It is evident that the factors of suspense and change are two essential factors in selecting methods and strategies for teaching language to children, and it is possible to benefit from the words of the scholar “Abi Fehr” – may God have mercy on him – by bringing the Arabic language closer and renewing it for the same child. So that he overcomes himself with his love and can easily acquire it.

Here we will show some our methods for teaching Arabic to kids:
  • We are Taking into consideration the child’s linguistic level, his level of intelligence and measuring the speed of his response, and accordingly the teacher takes into account the linguistic income that is given to him in the lesson, and in general it is not preferable to be a lot, but rather sufficient for the time of the lesson, and sufficient for the extent of the child’s concentration and comprehension.
  • We are giving the student the opportunity to use, speak and employ the language during the lesson. These children are often in non-Arab environments, and the opportunity for them to use the language in their real environments is much less than others. So, we give him time to produce himself over and over again
Learn Arabic of The Quran from Beginner to Advanced

Here in Quran Seraj Academy , we aim to teach Arabic language to understand Quran with perfect way. Because Arabic language is considering a hard language for non native speakers, but with our methods we will facilitate it to be easy for learner.

How long does it take to learn Arabic to understand Quran?

In Quran seraj academy we follow fixed steps to learn Arabic quietly and professionally .

We didn’t determine till now the best period of learning Arabic language , but we can promise our learners that after 3 months they can speak and write Arabic very good.

Need To Learn Arabic?

Choose the best way for learning Arabic language to understand Quran well. We have offered here in the article 3 ways , but you are absolutely free to choose your best method . Also, you can determine your favourite one with your online tutor.


You can choose your online tutor that you are comfortable with. and who you will feel relaxing with him.

And that is for sure is existing here in Quran Seraj Academy.

Just try free trial in our website to know our best way for learning Arabic language to understand Quran perfectly.

In Case,

you don’t know Quran seraj very well …

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You can learn Arabic language to understand Quran for free, just to try our way for teaching Quran.

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