Benefits of reading surah al-kahf on friday

Benefits of reading surah al-kahf on friday

There are many verses and hadiths that fully of enumerate the blessings of this Surah and describe
the first or last 10 verses as follows.

1-Prophet PBUH recommended reading.
When the prophet asks us to do what he is,we have to follow the work and morals of the
prophet.Therefore,we should consider it Sunnah for our benefit We should follow the path of
companions ,Caliphs.I don’t know if I memorized any specific Quran verses other than this one.Since
the Messenger (PBUH) is our first savior (as stated in section 6.We have to follow his advice.
-whoever read Sura Kahf first will become enlightened .Who will read it ,in it’s entirety between
heaven and earth it will bring him light.

2-Hafiz in a higher level of Jannah.The more we remember,the higher our rank in Reward and
Jannah. Read and level up and increase your rewards for each verse.Memorizing is not just about
learning but bringing it all into ourselves to the level of our understanding of the Quran.

3- Learn the great teachings of Islam .Allah Almighty combines the three foundations of Islam in the
first ten verses . Verses 4, and 5 of this chapter refer to the oneness of God, verse 1 refers to the
revelation to the prophet PBUH , and verses
2, and 3 refer to the reward of God . Let’s hold off and hope we get better.

4- Increase your Iman “faith” Surah Al-Kahf contains many stories that will teach you many practical
lessons that you can apply in your daily life. But the first ten verses can help you develop a strong
relationship with the Quran ’ We have something to hold on to before the Dajjal war. So , if you want
power, read this book. Do you just want to fear God, not the Antichrist or anyone else? This book
has the answers . It will strengthen your faith, God forbid .

5- Protection of Dajjal from Judgment (Fitnah) Without a doubt , the trial of Dajjal was one of the
toughest tests for the ummah . But our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) has given us the key to protection
from Dajjal. We should hurry to memorize the first 10 verses of Surah Kahf. The Prophet peace be
upon him ) said: “ ” If a person memorizes the first 10 verses of Surah Al Kahf, he will be safe from
Dajjal .”He who recites the last ten verses of Surah Al-Kahf will be saved from the temptation of
Dajjal ”.

6- Peace and Tranquility for the Reciter Narrated Al-Bara ’ ‘ bin ‘ ‘ Azib: A man is reciting Surah Al
Kahf (in his prayers ) , and in the house , an animal (on a horse ) gets frightened and starts jumping.
The man ends his prayer with Taslim, but lo and behold! A fog or cloud hung over him. He reported
this to the Prophet peace be upon him), and the Prophet peace be upon him ) said: “Oh so-and-so!
Recite, because fog or cloud) is a sign of peace coming from reciting the Qur’an.” Subhan. Allah !
These are the blessings of Surah Al Kahf. Its recitation is very important . Also, Surah Al Kahf is a
great source of peace and blessings.

7- Instructions for Believers ” Whoever reads Surah Kahf when Jummah (Friday) comes, will shine
from him from one Friday to the next .” Subhan Allah! Imagine the size of this bonus. It will set
readers apart and make them worthy of the myriad blessings and rewards of Friday and Friday.
Doesn ’ ‘ this inspire us to recite Surat Al-Kahf every Friday to live our lives in the light?

8- Light on face and heart “ ” Whoever reads Surah Al Kahf on Jummah night , there will be a light
between him and the Kabah . ” Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf on Judgment Friday , for him there will
be light in heaven and earth , and sins between the two Fridays will be forgiven .

9- Achieving peace and tranquilitym Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) narrated that
the Prophet (peace be upon him ) said: “ ” Whenever a group of people gathers in one of Allah’s
houses (i.e. mosques ) , and recites and studies Allah ‘s scriptures , peace comes upon them, mercy
surrounds them, angels surround them , and Allah is with him mentioned them in the .

10- The company of the prophet Imagine Isa ( AS ) asking you the question he once asked his
disciple (Hawaariyyoon). He said – – Who are my supporters? My companion for Allah? Can you
imagine responding with “ ” We are supporters of Allah .” “? Subhan Allah ! But this requires living in
the era of Dajjal. So , memorize the first ten verses of Surah Al-Kahf and believe in the hard times of

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