Best age to memorize Quran?

Best Age to Memorize Quran

Is my child too young to start an online program? The short answer is maybe.

This is one of the most popular and most asked questions we get at QuranSeraj Network. Parents want to know what age is suitable for learning Qur’an online.

At QuranSeraj , we have children as young as 5 that are engaged, able to finish a task and sit for the entire classes.
Actually, it is not possible to say an exact number for the best age to memorize Quran online. Because we can see the little members of the Ummah who can be hafiz at four years, just as we see those who complete their hifz at the age of 60-70. Each person’s ability to memorize  and learn is different. We should also focus on that the brain is fresh at young ages and it is the most productive time to record new information. That is why memorizing becomes easier.

On the other hand, hifz at later ages can only be done with personal effort, and decision. There is a big difference between these two. In one the brain automatically carries out the memorization process, in the other, the person’s ability and stability are at the forefront.

Children have fewer responsibilities than adults, but the same is difficult to say for adults. They have responsibilities to do and many things to think about. In this context, their minds are constantly busy with something. This might make it challenging for the memorized verses to remember.

Usualy the adults memory be updated and it takes extra effort to keep the memorized parts in mind. So is hifdz impossible for
the adults? Of course not!
What we are talking about here is the best age for hifdh. Adults can also complete the memorization process in a planned and programmed way. We can find hundreds of examples for this. The most important thing is not to memorize the Quran just in order to be mentioned as hafiz but to direct our life according to the Quran and Allah’s orders.

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