How to memorize a page of Quran in 5 minutes?

?How to memorize a page of the Quran in five minutes

The Qur’an is the last divine book that Allah revealed to the prophet Muhammad,PUH, at the age of forty who used to work as a merchant in Makkah through consists of 114 chapters, including the Meccan and Medinan, according to the place and time of the revelation. The Holy Qur’an is the main source of guidance for Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims challenged the whole world to make up surah of it even if ayah but they failed, too. Qur’an. It is the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad,prayers. for every verse in it is considered a miracle on its own.

  • :If you wanna memorize the Qur’an easily and Quickly should follow these steps

1-Preparing a schedule for memorizing the Quran :-

We should set a date to complete Hifz Quran then break it down into daily , weekly and monthly memorization goals.

2-Best time to memorize Quran and best way to to understand quran in early morning:-

After fajr prayer, the mind is serene and has a high-capability to absorb information so we should memorize the Quran at this time here,you will know to by heart quran easily.

3-commitment to your memorization schedule:-

The commitment makes you learn fast and if you memorize frequently, your ability to memorize will increase.

4-Pure intention to please Allah

If you decide to memorize Quran , you should sure that your intention is to please Allah .

5-Learn Quran memorization with instructor

To make your Quran memorizing mission faster, you can get help professional Quran instructor and you will be a professional in Quran recitation.

:Now, we can talk about the ways that we can use to memorize the Qur’an-

The first way is to divide surah into parts according to the ability of the reader. he should understand the meaning of the part that he intends to memorize.

The second way of Quranic memorization is repetition.  The reader should Repeat ayah again and again until he generalized it. And read every ayah five or six times then try reading it without a look at it. IF he can not read it, repeat memorizing again. This will take about Twenty to thirty minutes.
After that day, you should revise a surah from the beginning to make sure you might not forget it. Every week, he should also revise all that he memorized.

Third way:

Methods for memorizing the Holy Qur’an according to personal styles. There are many ways of memorizing the Holy Qur’an. According to the multiplicity of patterns of people in exploiting their abilities and energies in memorization, and showing these patterns and methods as follows: The visual pattern:

The first method of writing is one of the practical methods that help to establish the verses in the mind of the reader, So that he writes what he wants to memorize, and then he wipes the verses little by little until he is able to memorize the whole passage, and he can also use his imagination in memorizing the verses. So that he imagines the verses that he memorizes and draws their scenes in his imagination, and this would consolidate the verses that he memorized, in addition to using the same Qur’an every time it is memorized. So that he looks at the Qur’an, then memorizes the drawing of the verses and their vowelization. By looking closely at
them, and then closing the Qur’an, he sees the verses and drew them as if they were before his eyes.

Finally The reader should set a schedule for learning Quran every day. He should choose a quiet place, renew his intention and sit
it during memorizing, beginning with shortening surahs, repeat every ayah 5 or 6 times to make sure that he memorized it exactly.

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