How to memorize Quran fast and easily?

1-Preparing a schedule for memorizing the Quran :-

We should set a date to complete Hifz Quran then break it down into daily , weekly and monthly memorization goals.

2-Best time to memorize Quran and best way to to understand quran in early morning:-

After fajr prayer, the mind is serene and has a high-capability to absorb information so we should memorize the Quran at this time here,you will know to by heart quran easily.

3-commitment to your memorization schedule:-

The commitment makes you learn fast and if you memorize frequently, your ability to memorize will increase.

4-Pure intention to please Allah

If you decide to memorize Quran , you should sure that your intention is to please Allah .

5-Learn Quran memorization with instructor

To make your Quran memorizing mission faster, you can get help professional Quran instructor and you will be a professional in Quran recitation.

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