10 Top Tips To Memorize Quran

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Here are 10 Tips to Memorize Quraan

Memorizing Quran is a great spiritual, physical, and mental journey that enlightens your heart, mind, and whole life. That’s why you see Muslims across the globe seek to learn Quran memorization & Become Hafiz.

Why people Complain Of Memorize The Quran

Despite the unlimited virtues of Hifz Quran in this life and hereafter, still many Muslims postpone going through this marvelous journey. Some of them complain that they can’t find time to memorize Quran due to their daily busy schedule and others think it’s mission impossible especially when looking at all 114 surahs and more than 6000 verses.

10 Tips to Memorize Quraan

Actually, Quran memorization is absolutely not an impossible mission but not as easy as well. It also doesn’t require you to devote all your daytime and abandon your work, school, or family time to learn Hifz Quran.

  • So,

in order to help you with your mission, Quran teachers & experts at  Quran Seraj present you Top 10 Tips To Memorize Quran Fast & Easy.

So What Are The Tips to Memorize Quraan?

  1. Pure Intention to Please Allah (SWT)

The first and most important tip to memorize Quran is to make sure that your intention (your purpose) from becoming Hafiz is to please Allah Almighty. Your intention should not be to show off in front of colleagues or others that you have memorized the book of Allah (SWT).

  1. Memorize Quran in Early Morning

The best time to memorize Quran in the early morning right after Fajr prayer. After performing the prayer and before having breakfast, spend from 30 to 50 minutes memorizing the Quran. The mind is serene and has a high-capability to absorb information at this time of the day.

  1. Maintain Correct Quran Recitation & Pronunciation

 It is one or amazing tips to memorize Quraan correctly, you must first recite Quran correctly. This cannot be fulfilled unless you listen to a good and precise reciter of the Quran. So, if you know how to read Arabic but can’t recite the Quran as it should be, you firstly need to learn Quran with tajweed.

  1. Prepare a Quran Memorization Schedule

These tips to memorize quraan is are so important for whom working .Set a date by which you want to complete Hifz Quran. Break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily memorization goals.

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This will make your mission so much easier and you will feel of achievement every day along the journey.

  1. Consistency & Commitment to Your Memorization Schedule

Be consistent and committed to your memorization schedule and don’t skip even one day unless there is an emergency. If you had to skip a day due to urgent matters, make up for it on the following day by spending a longer time memorizing Quran.

Other Tips to memorize Quraan you should remember is:

Always remember that memory is like a muscle. The more frequently you memorize, the more you can memorize, and the easier it becomes.

  1. Repeat What You Have Memorized Again & Again

Always start your Quran memorization task with recitation and repetition of what you have memorized earlier. For example, before memorizing a new portion of Quran, recite by heart what you have memorized the day before. At the end of the week, recite all that you have memorized in the week at once. At the end of the month, do the same process, and so on. This will prefect your Quran memorization and not to forget it.

  1. Recite What You Have Memorized at Salah (Prayer)

To practice further on what you have memorized from Quran, recite every day verses in the five daily prayers. If you find out that you forget a verse, go after the prayer to your Mushaf right away to remember the verse. So the tips to memorize quraan here is save a new “Surah” and repeat it in the prayers.

  1. Understand The Meaning of Quranic Verses

If you don’t understand what you are reading well, you can’t memorize it well. It’s very important to understand the meaning of the verses you are memorizing, and know-how they are linked to each other.

Tafsir Al Quran

Thus you should read the Tafsir (explanation) of the verses that you are memorizing and should bring their meanings to mind while reciting them.

  1. Choose a Distraction-Free Environment

One of important tips to memorize quraan As the same as choosing the right time when the mind peaceful and clear, you should choose an isolated place with little or no distraction at all including your cellphone. This will increase focus and better Quran memorization.

  1. Learn Quran Memorization with Professional Quran Teacher

To make your Quran memorizing mission much easier & faster, you can get help from a professional Quran teacher. He/She will help & guide you step-by-step along the journey until you become a Hafiz/Hafiz of Quran. In quran Seraj , we don’t give you some tips to memorize quraan , but also, we will be with you step by step.

So, we knew every tips to memorize Quraan easily  

How to Memorize Quran easily?

  • The memorization must be done by a sheikh to correct the recitation
  • I memorize a page every day, half a page after afternoon and half a page after dawn
  • Memorizing is from “Surat Al-Naas” to “Surat Al-Baqarah” because it is easier. Then after memorization, start revising from “Surat Al-Baqarah” to Surat Al-Naas”

How to Memorize Quran in Old Age?

These are some tips to memorize quraan even if you are so old:
  • Determining the surah to be memorized from the Holy Qur’an, then starting to memorize the first aspect of the surah, for example, by reading the first verse of the surah and repeating it twenty times in a row, as repeating it with this amount of times helps to memorize it well to remember it later.
  • Read the second verse and repeat it twenty times, then move on to read each of the third and fourth verse, and repeat each of them twenty times as well.

  • Reciting the first four verses of the surah, which were previously read and repeated twenty times together to connect them, and repeating them together twenty times as well.
  • Read the fifth verse and repeat it twenty times, then the sixth, seventh and eighth verse, similar to the first four verses.
  • Read the first verses of the surah in full; That is, from the first to the eighth verse, and repeating them twenty times, in order to ensure the mastery of memorizing the entire page and establish it well in memory.

Post-memorize steps:


 After memorizing, the Muslim may neglect the step of studying the Qur’an (reviewing memorization), but it is very essential. The brain receives information in the outward mind, but it needs to organize it. By reviewing memorization, you organize the information in the subconscious mind.

What is The Best Time For Revision The Quran?

The best times to study & Revise the Qur’an are in the middle of the night, or the time of tahajjud, as the mind is clear, people are asleep, and the heart is present, and this time makes the memorizer move his memorization from the apparent mind to the subconscious, and thus classifies his memorization in long-term memory.

How to Memorize Quran in 30 days?

There are also some tips to memorize Quraan in 30 days:
  1.  The Qur’an consists of thirty parts, so allocate one part to memorize daily. On the first day, memorize an entire part, and on the second day, memorize the second part, but you re-review the two parts together at the end of the day, and on the third day, re-review three parts together.
  2. Read the page from the section twice slowly for five minutes, then start by memorizing the first half of the page, then the second half, and then review the whole page.
  3. Understand the verses well while memorizing; This will help you to memorize it well and be better rooted in the brain, and do not listen to the devil who will try to discourage you and convince you that the interpretation will waste your time.
  4. Read what is available to you from the holy Qur’an in the obligatory prayers and the Sunnah.
  5. The memorization period does not exceed two hours each time, and the number of pages does not exceed five pages at a time.
  6. Choose the appropriate times to memorize, such as the time of dawn, and stay away from times when you are tired or hungry because the brain cannot focus, so eat healthy food away from fat and excess fat.
Thus, you will have memorized the Qur’an with ease and ease.

Tips to Memorize Quraan in Ramadan:

When you start reciting the Quran and memorizing it in Ramadan month, The reward will be double. So, many people and (شيوخ) recommend memorizing the Quraan in Ramadan.

So, this is the reason of knowing these tips to memorize Quraan in Ramadan.


A Professional Tutor With You

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These are some tips to memorize quraan well with a professional way. Read ALso, rules of Muslims in Ramada

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