The blessings of reading Ayat Alkorsi

We should read the verse of Ayat Alkorsi regularly because it’s the most rewarding Ayats. Reading it after you leave your house and after every prayer will make you under Allah’s protection and it will preserve you from evil temptations.
The repetition of reading Ayat Alkorsi will protect you from God’s wrath and it will open your heart and enlighten your road.
Reading Ayat Alkorsi before going to sleep will make you sleep well and angles will protect you from Satan.
Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said “ the person who read Ayat Alkorsi before going to sleep, Allah will send an angel to protect him.
If you used to read Ayat Alkorsi every day, it will make your ending peaceful and it will make you closer to Allah.
Ayat Alkorsi is a great blessing from Allah to us, we should memorize it and read it every day. It will prevent you from satan.
Let’s start recitation this Ayat from today and enjoy its countless benefits and merits.

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