Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Online Course

Quran Memorization Course (Hifz) at Quran seraj academy focuses on memorization of the Holy Quran in theshortest time possible with high-accuracy through professional tutors who are Hafiz of the Quran and holding Ijazah.

quran memorization online course

Why should I obtain Quran Memorization Course?
Memorizing the Quran is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that will build a better relationship between the Muslim and Allah — as well as between an individual and community.
Quran Memorization Course at Quran seraj academy focuses on memorization of the Holy Quran in the shortest time possible with highaccuracy through professional tutors who are Hafiz of the Quran and holding Ijazah.

How will I memorize Quran online?

Through one-to-one online live classes, Quran seraj academy’s tutors follow a highly-effective and integrated strategy to help students memorize the Quran by heart and never forget it…

1- The tutor will read the verses with Tajweed and then he/she will ask the student to repeat after him/her.

2- The tutor will do this process many times until the student can recite the verse clearly without any mistake.

3- In each class, the student will have certain Quran verses for new memorization, some verses for front revision, and other verses for back revision. so that student never forgets what he/she memorized.

4- By the end of the last class, the student will achieve the pre-set goals from obtaining the course.

How many classes do i need to memorize the Quran?

Range number of classes will be determined based on the ability of the student to absorb and memorize the Quran, and based on the program that the student chooses from the following:

1- Memorizing the last 30 Surahs.
2- Memorizing some selected Surahs chosen by the student.
3- Memorizing the whole Quran.

  Our Steps To Memorize The Holy Qur’an for Adults & Kids:

Quran Memorization For Adults…

As the elderly are often preoccupied with providing adequate daily sustenance for the family


So, memorizing the Holy Qur’an is somewhat more difficult than young people and children, as mentioned above. Because Quran memorization for kids is more easy because they learning from the beginning and the children have more time to learn everything new.

The memorization of The Quran is Very Important:

The abilities vary from one person to another, and memorizing the Noble Qur’an is in the breasts

One of the most important stages that a religious Muslim goes through. As you can know all information about the life through memorizing the holy Quran.


it is considered one of the important acts of worship that must be observed at all stages of life

We may find children at the age of five memorizing the Holy Qur’an by heart

Because they were brought up to memorize and recite it during the night and the ends of the day.

Our Steps In Quran Memorization Courses Here:
  • Reviewing what was memorized yesterday and adding what has been memorized today to link the verses and the Qur’anic surahs, and link what has been memorized from each part separately so that the parts of the Holy Qur’an are all memorized together.
  • Maintaining daily recitation of the verses of the Noble Qur’an as a daily chord to prove it and establish it in the heart and mind
  • Distinguishing between similar verses in the Noble Qur’an by opening the Qur’an to the two verses and recognizing the difference between them until the difference between the similarities is mastered.
  • Continuous follow-up outside class times and review what was saved in the next class

After you knew almost everything about our methods in memorizing the Quran in online classes , you can try our free trial to know our way in teachings , then you can register you first month of the class with perfect price